• Grupo Business Processing Outsourcing Service Cooperative (GRUPOBPO)

    Inspiring with People-Centric Approach

    Our organization was established to bring our people
    a high quality professional development that can
    create significant business, social and cultural impact
    to communities.


About Us

GrupoBPO is a business process outsourcing enterprise based in Manila, Philippines that operates under a cooperative business entity. It provides a broad spectrum of business process services in areas such as knowledge process, IT, customer and business support, marketing, human resources, back office support and other diversified outsourcing domains.

Brief History

Its visionary founders came from different successful groups of outsourcing and staffing agencies which have been recognized as pioneers in the domestic market. Together, they joined to form a worker owned social enterprise in the BPO industry with common goal and aspiration.

Why GrupoBPO?

Being a cooperative, we shape our culture with entrepreneurial mindset. We have continuous training and development for our worker-partners and we also invest in systems and technology platforms to help improve our internal processes and service operations.

All this will drive continuous business growth and productivity for our clients.

Grupo Business Processing Outsourcing Service Cooperative (GRUPOBPO)


  • • Provide members continuous and progressive livelihood opportunities
  • • Deliver sustainable productivity in every project, engagement, business and the cooperative enterprise
  • • Actively participate in sustainable community development and nation building


GrupoBPO envisions to be the leading and most diversified social enterprise
in the business process and diversified outsourcing services, owned and
managed by the workers, professionals and entrepreneurs bonding together
in a cooperative system.

Our Key Stewards